Friday, March 27, 2009

Yes...I DO lag, Thanks for Noticing

Yeah, I know..."Why don't you write"?

I have been packing, and packing...and packing some more.
Heaven forbid I actually get rid of some of this crap, but I don't part with books and will probably not live long enough to use all the art supplies I have squirreled away over the years....but won't get rid of them either.

THAT is why storage units were invented...for crap-overflow.

Wells Fargo is on my official Shit-List-For-Life since they tried to steal The Boy's money and screwed us out of a place to live.
We actually had to sick the FDIC/Feds on them...and apparently we are not alone.
Boy finally figured out WHY I have two bank accounts at different banks, and neither of them is at Wells. (Wells Fargo can eat a bag of dicks.)