Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fingering it Out

Okay Mr. Squid's you and me.

You have melted my brains but I have finally figured you out.

There WILL be a squiddy at the and of this.

Pictures to follow.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

WTF?! Who Made These Nasty Things?!

EWWWW! these are appropriate for your preteen girl?

Honestly, what kind of a world do we live in?

Am I simply a bit of a prude because I literally feel like sicking-up when I see stuff like this?

I wonder if these nasty things were made by the same lovely company that sold thongs for girls (as in elementary school age) to the GAP?

I'm glad Wal*Mart (Still Evil none-the-less) had the decency to pull them off the shelves but it makes me ill to think that they put them out for sale in the first place.

Oh...and while I am at it...How are you enjoying those Christmas Decorations you got at Wal*Mart?

Living in Shadows

I finally deleted my Myspace account because out of all my "friends" no one actually TALKED to me.

I had that account so I could talk to friends and over time, realized that I don't really have any that want me around.

The people that I thought were my friends I really haven't seen in years.

It's really depressing to be honest.

I try to talk to them, but they have no time or inclination to talk to me anymore.
It got to the point where checking my Myspace account was about the same to going home day after day, week after week, to an answering machine that no one calls.
I figure after 2 years if anyone wanted to talk to me, they would have, so it was just time for me to go.

It is no secret that I have been battling depression all of my life.
The holidays are NOT helping matters any.
Since 1997 the holidays are a living hell for me.
That was the year I lost my husband, home, and business in the same week and ended up living in a van for nearly a year.

Nothing like being homeless for the holidays.

I have never gotten over it.

Sick thing is, I was working a full time job the whole time I was homeless, I was just one of those people that fell through the cracks.
No one wants to rent a room to someone that doesn't already have one.
You would think after 10 years of not being homeless I would have gotten over it, but I haven't.

I have had that unwanted feeling ever since.
It is the root of a lot of my anxiety.
If I dare to find happiness it will get taken away in the blink of an eye.

Christmas is not a happy time for me.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

So it's a Crime if...

Apparently our government thinks it is not a hate crime if you beat the hell out of a gay person so long as they are white, but if they are black, latino, Asian, purple with green spots it IS a HATE CRIME!!!


Last I checked when someone is stomping on your head, they hate you.

Why is it a heineous crime if the person is straight but perfectly acceptable if they are gay?

Do we really need to micro-manage this country to death in order for people to act like humane beings?

Are people truly THAT homophobic?



That's right.


Isn't despising a whole group of people because they happen to date their same sex a bit of a crime of hatred as well?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Chimp Speaks

As an American I am ashamed every time I hear The Chimp in Charge open up his gaping maw.
Out of all the human beings in this nation, THAT imbicile is the best we have to offer up to lead us?
THAT fool is our face to the world??
No wonder this country is a planetary joke.
I don't blame Iran for arming themselves to the teeth...look at their neighbors.
Do you think they can defend their country with water balloons and pillow fights?
I don't want to keep dumping money into Iraq while they do nothing to regain control of their own nation.
THAT is how the terrorists win.
It really is brilliant.
Let the US spend themselves into the poor house, THEN you invade not with planes and psychobunnies, but financially.
Turn the mighty US into a third world country...and the real kicker is, we are doing it to ourselves already.
Our education system is a joke.
We have standardized our kids so they fit the lowest common denominator.
Jobs are being outsourced out of the country while toxic products are being imported by the megaton.
Walmarts around the country have crushed Mom and Pops right out of business so that in many communities, there really is no other choice but to shop and work there.
We have lost our national pride because we produce nothing to be proud of anymore.
People are losing their homes because they bought a Mansion when they could barely afford a shack, yet they take no personal responsibility for their actions and expect Uncle Sugar to bail them out.
In a short 7 years we have gone from having a budget surplus to being deeper in debt as a nation then we have ever been in history.
I think our Chimp in Charge has a lot of damn gall telling ANYONE how to run their country when I look at what is happening to my own, and if I had the neighbors that Iran does I would be locked and loaded as well.
I don't give a shit about Iran, Iraq, or how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
I want my country to wake up and DEMAND better from our fellow patriots and ourselves.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knit, Purl....

Today is a knitting day as oppossed to a procrastinating about knitting yet getting nothing done, day.

By some small miracle I may even manage to get a few pictures posted today.

Productivity...the HORRORS!! actual picture!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crafticon at Modern Times in S.F.

This is a shameless plug for a spiffy little crafty event at an equally spiffy bookstore in San Francisco.

Pack up your crafty-bag and come play at the bookstore on Saturday.

Me and my knitting will be lurking about.

A WHAT Passport??

Oh we go.

The Safe Sex Passport

Nice idea...until the person who has said "Clean" passport goes out and has sex.

After that, it is another useless piece of junk in a person's wallet.

How do you know that person wasn't swinging through the NSA ads on Craigslist the same night after they got tested?

You don't.

The simple facts of life are that you are taking a risk each and every time you have sex, period.

Clowns trying to sell security where it doesn't exist annoy me to no end.

Speaking of Craigslist, ever loiter in the personals ads?
Ever notice that EVERYONE has a clean bill of health?
Believe it?

I didn't think so.

Think the ads are a trip...check out the forums.
If you want to know how to totally destroy a good relationship you will find some great advise on the Marriage & LTR Forum.
Hang out there very long and you'll be in the Divorce Forum next.
After you go crazy the Psychology Forum will shred any resemblence of self esteem you have left.

Maybe you should save yourself the pain and just go knit something instead.

Yarn...the only balls I trust.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Some days just make me feel a little dumber than others.

This is a "Stupid" day.

It is one of those days when I have a hard time just muddling through one minute to the next while still remembering to breathe.

Knitting patterns may as well be written in Hindi today.

I AM together enough to figure out what 11% of $7.5 billion is, though.
Citigroup just got a loan for that amount.
That is $8,500,000 in case you wondered.
And you thought your student loan was bad!

This is the same bank that won't give me a credit card because they think I am a credit risk.
That strikes me as funny in a really sick kind of way.
I am a credit risk because I have actually PAID for things as I have meandered through life.
Apparently you get good credit by not actually paying for a thing up front but by paying for it with someone else's money and then taking your sweet time paying them back.

I am a dolt.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Jumbo Balls

Circuit City execs must have a set of Jumbo Balls.

I don't shop there because I don't spend my money with people that lay off their employees simply so they can hire cheaper ones.

I think that kind of business is BAD business, and will NEVER support it.

That being takes a HUGE set for those people to actually court the same ex-employees that they blatantly screwed to try to get KNOWLEDGEABLE SALES HELP for the holidays.

Are they high?

I wonder how many ex-employees will take them up on their oh-so generous offer?

To Cache or Not to Cache?

It has been awhile since I went Geocaching, but I always seem to come back to it.
It is the thrill of the hunt...and knowing that there are hidden treasures all over the place that always brings me back.
You just never know what might be hiding in the next bush or crevice but to a geocacher, the possibilities are endless.
The humble Altiods tin and a hearty magnet can make for a decent cache big enough for tiny trinkets.
The treasure thing is what made me turn away from caching for awhile.
Would it kill cachers to go to the party store and pick up a few goodies now and then?
It really doesn't take much, but it does make the game a lot more fun when caches have actually GOODIES in them as oppossed to piles of geotrash and just plain old crud.
Stickers, beads, little toys, Geocoins, pins...all cheap cool stuff for caches.
Personally, I LOVE Sigitems because they can be anything.

I have turned a few people onto Geocaching because it is fun, and it will take a person to places that they may not ever know were there, which is half of the "treasure" in the first place.
The problem was that the last person I got into the sport REALLY got into it, but wasn't much for subtlety and this is a sport that requires a certain amount of stealth.
Just because I know there is a magnetic key holder stuck to the bottom of that bench doesn't mean I should be blatantly obvious about grabbing it, you know?
One has to be somewhat sly about it.
Hence, some caches are so well hidden that I don't find them while some of them may as well be handed to me by a tap-dancing gnome wearing a red hat with a jingley-bell.
It is a great sport for the solitary, but taking a horde of people on a geocaching trek can be a bit daunting to say the least.
Most people just talk too much and observe too little.

I am not a super-cacher by any means but I do enjoy it.
I do need to take more pictures.

My ex was more of a super-cacher, which kind of took the joy out of it for me.
I don't really want to hit 7 caches in one day if I am rushed about doing it.
Being rushed in general annoys me.
All in all, I am just not in that big of a hurry.
I LIKE meandering about, sniffing the flowers and watching the world go by.
Hmmmm....sniffing the flowers...I wonder if there's a cache in the local rose garden?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Can Haz Knitting?

Hey! I was working on that!

New Blog!

How many blogs does one person really need anyway?

Truth be told, I am pretty Myspaced out.

Most of my time is spent reading, knitting and playing games but I do tend to babble on a bit here and there.

Sooner or later I will figure out how to add music links onto this bad boy and then we'll be off to the races.
Until then...I have a few things to figure out and some knitting to attend to.

Happy Trails!