Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Every year I have dressed for Halloween, until this year.
For years I got ditched by my "friend", and ended up at home in my costume, crying.
Naturally, she would post pictures of what a great time she had on Facebook.
She pulled this act on several holidays for several years before I snapped and put an end to it 6 months ago.
Part of me still loves Halloween, but I am glad I can just sit, play with the cat, watch crappy horror movies, and feel good about myself instead of feeling like the butt of someone's cruel joke.


Now that I got off my butt and updated the iOS on my phone, there are all kinds of apps I can suddenly use.
This is one of them.
Hopefully, I have been gone long enough that the loonies have gotten bored and moved on so I can write in peace.
Yeah, it's been awhile.
Been thinking and getting PTSD under control.
- Mel