Friday, March 26, 2010


If you have not tried this wonderful stuff, you should.
I use it in place of cream cheese and mayo.
Live probiotics are good things, and it is yummy!

I used it instead of mayo in my infamous Purple Potato Salad.
Recipe (of sorts) will be forthcoming shortly.

I am debating on making a fresh batch with pictorial goodness.

Yogurt is your tummy's friend.
Invite it to dinner more often.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today was a very good day.

It is no secret that I hate egg-rolls...except for the ones that my best friend's mom makes.

Lee's egg-rolls are so yummy I have dreams about them.
They are marvelous little bites of Vietnamese goodness.

Today she taught me how to make them.


You bet your fuzzy butt-cheeks!

Any time someone I respect teaches me anything I am honored, but food is extra special.

She cooks like my grandmother so there are no exact measurements - it is done by sight, feel and smell.
I like that as it is comfortable to me.

As we prepared everything we talked about how food made with love tastes better.

It does.

I have the same feeling about my knitting - which is why I don't knit when I am in a bad mood.
I don't want to weave anger into my cloth.
(I don't cook when I am cranky either - because the food tastes like crap if I do.)

One of the things that I was thinking about as I wrist-deep in tasty filling goo was my friend in Egypt - who was horseback riding around the pyramids today.
How cool is be able to see one of the Great Wonders of the World from horseback?
I added it to my Bucket-List.
Before I kick the bucket, I want to do that.

I know a lot of people that say they don't like Vietnamese food but I think they never had any that was home-made.

I love it because it is fresh and even vegetables I don't like seem to magically transform into tasty little morsels.

I had forgotten how refreshing cold orange slices are.

Now I am going to make a nice pot of Sleepytime Tea and write a bit before bed.