Friday, September 11, 2009

Tired of Filth

All in all I am really just sick to death of asshole-housemates.
For the last few years, it seems like a never-ending parade of jerks.

We rented a room in this place simply because the place we had set up to move into fell through at the last minute and we had no choice.
This is a 9' x 12' box' and we never planned on staying here for very long.
We also did not expect the DMV to be quite as incompetent as they have been...which is why we are still here.

I have never met the homeowner, but I do have to wonder what they were thinking when they rented this place to a fool that is on SSI and makes less than $1000 a month, when the rent here is $3000.

It is his two now ex-friends that are trashing this place.
They are some real pieces of work.

As it stands, the kitchen is unusable now because these people just dump their waste onto the floor and in the sink.
The back yard looks like a dump.
The stink from rotting food and dirty diapers is sickening.
I am done cleaning up after these people.
Try to put the trash in a trashbag?
They pour it all out onto the floor.
I am just done.

Everything we have in this house is in our room because these filthy pigs destroy everything they touch.

All we are waiting on is The Man's ID and then we are SO out of this shithole.

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