Saturday, April 10, 2010

Misfit Toys

In my mind, I live on an island of Misfit Toys.
I like it that way.
ANYONE can have Barbie, the cheap plastic bitch....but my island is special.

This is where the "odd" toys went when everyone pushed us away.

We had to find a place of our own.

Now as time has gone on, and the "normal" toys are bored as hell, they see our Island of Misfit Toys in the distance...

..Things explode. (We wanted to know if Powdered Fake Cream was is) Giggles are heard on the wind.
Now and then the "Normals" swear they hear "ONE OF US!" being chanted, but they can't be sure....
...because they are not ONE OF US...and can only dream of our wonderful wiggly world.

We used to dream of being accepted by "Them" and now they pay money to hang out with us...if we will let them.

I wouldn't want to live any other way.

I don't know that I could...nor would I want to.

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