Thursday, November 1, 2012


Filled out my ballot today, after weighing the pros and cons in my local/state, and voted for my President.
Romney is a joke, and a not funny one at that.
I vote against ALL Republicans because I AM A WOMAN.
Seriously folks, the GOP stance on women scares the crap out of me.
They may wax nostalgic for the 50's but I don't.
Donna Reed didn't want to be "Donna Reed".
Yes, I DO want to know if my apple is spliced with frog genes because it will piss me off if Frankenpie tries to leap off my plate.
Yes on 37.
Monsanto and all the other poison factories can lick my hairy butt-crack.
While I am bitching about Romney, how about that bullshit stunt for Sandy victims?
Not even straight cash because it isn't like Romney is RICH AS A MOTHERFUCKER or anything...but crap that the Red Cross doesn't even he proved what kind of scum-sucking piece of shit he is in my eyes.
The fact that nearly half the country is voting for that crook pisses me off, and proves that there are a lot of dumb racists that vote.
Congress - How about working for the American People for once this century?
Manthing didn't vote which means I get to tell him to STFU about damn near everything.
Don't vote?
You don't get an opinion, minion.
Want a voice?

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