Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Some days just make me feel a little dumber than others.

This is a "Stupid" day.

It is one of those days when I have a hard time just muddling through one minute to the next while still remembering to breathe.

Knitting patterns may as well be written in Hindi today.

I AM together enough to figure out what 11% of $7.5 billion is, though.
Citigroup just got a loan for that amount.
That is $8,500,000 in case you wondered.
And you thought your student loan was bad!

This is the same bank that won't give me a credit card because they think I am a credit risk.
That strikes me as funny in a really sick kind of way.
I am a credit risk because I have actually PAID for things as I have meandered through life.
Apparently you get good credit by not actually paying for a thing up front but by paying for it with someone else's money and then taking your sweet time paying them back.

I am a dolt.

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Squeaky said...

Yes. Credit is silly. Necessary, apparently, but silly. And I have stupid days too.