Monday, November 26, 2007

To Cache or Not to Cache?

It has been awhile since I went Geocaching, but I always seem to come back to it.
It is the thrill of the hunt...and knowing that there are hidden treasures all over the place that always brings me back.
You just never know what might be hiding in the next bush or crevice but to a geocacher, the possibilities are endless.
The humble Altiods tin and a hearty magnet can make for a decent cache big enough for tiny trinkets.
The treasure thing is what made me turn away from caching for awhile.
Would it kill cachers to go to the party store and pick up a few goodies now and then?
It really doesn't take much, but it does make the game a lot more fun when caches have actually GOODIES in them as oppossed to piles of geotrash and just plain old crud.
Stickers, beads, little toys, Geocoins, pins...all cheap cool stuff for caches.
Personally, I LOVE Sigitems because they can be anything.

I have turned a few people onto Geocaching because it is fun, and it will take a person to places that they may not ever know were there, which is half of the "treasure" in the first place.
The problem was that the last person I got into the sport REALLY got into it, but wasn't much for subtlety and this is a sport that requires a certain amount of stealth.
Just because I know there is a magnetic key holder stuck to the bottom of that bench doesn't mean I should be blatantly obvious about grabbing it, you know?
One has to be somewhat sly about it.
Hence, some caches are so well hidden that I don't find them while some of them may as well be handed to me by a tap-dancing gnome wearing a red hat with a jingley-bell.
It is a great sport for the solitary, but taking a horde of people on a geocaching trek can be a bit daunting to say the least.
Most people just talk too much and observe too little.

I am not a super-cacher by any means but I do enjoy it.
I do need to take more pictures.

My ex was more of a super-cacher, which kind of took the joy out of it for me.
I don't really want to hit 7 caches in one day if I am rushed about doing it.
Being rushed in general annoys me.
All in all, I am just not in that big of a hurry.
I LIKE meandering about, sniffing the flowers and watching the world go by.
Hmmmm....sniffing the flowers...I wonder if there's a cache in the local rose garden?

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