Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Chimp Speaks

As an American I am ashamed every time I hear The Chimp in Charge open up his gaping maw.
Out of all the human beings in this nation, THAT imbicile is the best we have to offer up to lead us?
THAT fool is our face to the world??
No wonder this country is a planetary joke.
I don't blame Iran for arming themselves to the teeth...look at their neighbors.
Do you think they can defend their country with water balloons and pillow fights?
I don't want to keep dumping money into Iraq while they do nothing to regain control of their own nation.
THAT is how the terrorists win.
It really is brilliant.
Let the US spend themselves into the poor house, THEN you invade not with planes and psychobunnies, but financially.
Turn the mighty US into a third world country...and the real kicker is, we are doing it to ourselves already.
Our education system is a joke.
We have standardized our kids so they fit the lowest common denominator.
Jobs are being outsourced out of the country while toxic products are being imported by the megaton.
Walmarts around the country have crushed Mom and Pops right out of business so that in many communities, there really is no other choice but to shop and work there.
We have lost our national pride because we produce nothing to be proud of anymore.
People are losing their homes because they bought a Mansion when they could barely afford a shack, yet they take no personal responsibility for their actions and expect Uncle Sugar to bail them out.
In a short 7 years we have gone from having a budget surplus to being deeper in debt as a nation then we have ever been in history.
I think our Chimp in Charge has a lot of damn gall telling ANYONE how to run their country when I look at what is happening to my own, and if I had the neighbors that Iran does I would be locked and loaded as well.
I don't give a shit about Iran, Iraq, or how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
I want my country to wake up and DEMAND better from our fellow patriots and ourselves.


knot-that said...

I'm with you.

Jerry said...

Well said. If the general public would turn off the TV and take part in their countries future by electing somone who will do what's right for the nation and not the special intrest group that got them elected.