Monday, January 5, 2009

Ticket Bastard...or Scalping, the Legal Way

Ticketmaster says pricey resale tickets protect consumers

Excuse me, Ticketbastard, but are you HIGH?!

"Ticketmaster received complaints after an AC/DC show in Vancouver sold out in minutes, only for tickets to be quickly available for higher prices on TicketsNow. The resale site also charged up to $1,199 for a $44 face-value ticket to a recent Killers concert in Toronto — roughly a 2,500 per cent markup."

Sorry kids, but this is nothing but out-and-out SCALPING, and any moron that gives these clowns a dime DESERVES to get ripped-off.

I HATE Scalpers with a purple passion, always have.

The ONLY thing that was more irritating than a Dead Head on ticket Sunday were the scalpers, but at least they weren't my friggin' co-workers.

I worked for Bass Tickets, which is what Ticket Master was back when Bill Graham was still alive. (Miss you Bill, you were a gruff little shit, but you put on one hell of a show...and actually CARED if people had a good time.)

People wonder why I don't go to shows anymore.

Facts are, they aren't worth it anymore.

Concerts used to fun, and they didn't cost a mortgage payment for a few hours of entertainment.

I don't know about y'all, but I haven't had a raise in two years and the concept of paying more for ONE concert ticket than my car payment, insurance, phone bill, and rent combined just isn't gonna happen.
To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't cough up that much money to see ANYONE play, no matter how much I had in the bank.

Ticket Master owning TicketsNow is sickening to me.

I have one word for both of these greedy entities: BOYCOTT

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Anonymous said...

Oh, i am so with you. Which is why I haven't bought a ticket to see anything through a major agency in years. The only bands or shows I see these days are the ones my friends play in and the door is ten or less. Those shows are more fun these days anyway!