Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is the first piece of filet work I have done in years.
It reminded me right quick of why I actually prefer crochet over knitting.

I have been printing reams of old patterns from the Antique Pattern Library.
The only real problem I have is the directions.

As with most vintage crochet patterns, the instructions can be iffy at best, and non-existant at worst.
Then there is the difference between English and US terminology.
It makes things interesting to say the least.

What you don't see is 5 minutes later...when Josie is busily pulling the pins out of the blocking board for no other reason than she is a cat, and is being a pain in my ass.

Next up may well be a peacock in filet lace, but it is rather large and I still need to figure out what scale I want to make the thing in.
Hmmm....127 mesh across @ 5 mesh per inch in size 10 thread on a size 7 hook = 25.4 inches wide.
Big sucker!

If I did thing thing out of regular worsted weight yarn it would be monsterous....and take miles of yarn.


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