Thursday, July 2, 2009

It Never Ends...

We are now entering month 6 of waiting for Mr. Gothric's ID...and it is WAY past critical.
So far the DMV has been paid in full TWICE and today marks the second free re-shoot of his picture so they can continue to not send his ID, and lie about it.

It isn't like you can get an ID from anyone other than the DMV, and you can't cash a check without it, so in the last 6 months the only money we have had to live on is what I make.

Well kids, I am broke.
Like no money for food, broke.

I am pretty much at my wit's end.

I am down to eating half a sandwich a day, if that, and it is taking it's toll on my health.

Sick thing is, he has several thousand dollars in checks but we can't cash any of them because the damn DMV hasn't sent his ID.

When does this end?

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