Monday, January 21, 2008


Grrrr....stupid photoloader....

I went on a cooking binge this weekend, as I often do.

This weekend I made both Lasagna and Chicken Noodle Soup (from scratch).

How Mr. Gothric and I aren't the size of two minivans I will never know...I can cook!

There are a few photos from the Lasagna-Porn series but Flickr and I seem to be at odds with each other.
Hmmm....I'll have to give this a little thought.

If I can make a wicked lasagna I can sure as hell figure out how to post my pictures of it!


Are you done yet??!, originally uploaded by st_gothric.

Boil, boil...toil and trouble...ooops...that's a different pot.

Lasagna filling, originally uploaded by st_gothric.

The filling is ready, now if only those noodles would HURRY UP!!
I NEVER use no-boil noodles in my lasagna.
What can I say?
I like it old-school.

Are you done yet?, originally uploaded by st_gothric.

10 more minutes to go.
My stomach is busily trying to devour my ribcage, it smells SO GOOD!!!

LASAGNA!!!, originally uploaded by st_gothric.

What do you mean you need to cool for a few minutes?!?!!!

Yum!, originally uploaded by st_gothric.

Supper Time!!

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