Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are You High...You MUST Be to Send Me This Dreck

Apparently my last landlady (read this as abusive wing-nut) doesn't seem to get it that "Utilities Included In The Rent" means exactly that - they are included.

That means you don't get to bug me 5 MONTHS later about the PG&E bill because I really don't give a shit.

Oh, the DECEMBER and JANUARY bills were high?

Gee, maybe you should take that up with your crotchdropping, Little Miss Can-Do-No-Wrong, and her deadbeat boyfriend, and YOURSELF, since the three of you CRANKED your lousy little energy-sucking plug-in heaters 24/7, and had all the TV's in the house on, other than mine, oh...and that was when you brought home that energy-sucking beast of a fridge too.

Has it dawned on you that using the oven as a heater also tends to drive up the old electricity bill?

How about TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS, which you idiots never did?

This is the middle of JULY, incase no one happened to notice, and you are just now figuring out your bills from DECEMBER?!


I bet you think you were oh-so-sly about that little deal you had with the new owners of the house.

The one where you made $2000 and screwed everyone...but couldn't resist running your mouth the the neighbors?


I got your number, toots.

It is a big fat ZERO.

That is exactly what you will be getting from me.


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