Monday, February 22, 2010


LOOK Twatface,

Yeah, you...the doormat downstairs.

You are a fucking moron.

Let us review WHY I am not sorry I called the cops on that POS you feel the need to fuck:

A) BIG-ASS hole in the wall that HIS DUMB ASS put there.

B) Machete gouge in the garage door.

C) He is a drunken moron with a lot of big knives.

I could go on about this waste of sperm and an egg, but why bother?

"But I love him..."

Is this not the same dead-beat that has no job, yet calls you every name in the book while you stand there like a brain-addled sheep?

Look Toots, you can do what you want with your sorry excuse for a life, but that assclown is not coming back into this house.

Either date higher up the food-chain, or pack your crap and get the fuck out, and take your whiny mutts with you.

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