Saturday, February 20, 2010

I went NETWORK on the Idiots Downstairs

UPDATE: It seems that I actually saved a few lives last night by calling the cops.
When I got back from the store this morning, Douchecanoe's now ex-girlfriend THANKED ME for calling the police.

That was totally unexpected, but now I am REALLY glad I did.

Douchecanoe was INSANELY the point of trying to kill on of her friends with a fucking machete.
He said he wanted to hurt her too.

I didn't know ANY of this shit when I called the cops, I was just pissed off because he was being a loud asshole at 2am.

I called my mom and thanked her for raising me to have balls enough to do the right thing.

What kind of a moron would wake me up at 1 fucking 45 in the morning for ANY reason other than the house is burning down?

I'll tell you what kind of moron, the kind that is drunk mindless on Jack "ASSHOLE IN A BOTTLE" Daniels.

By the time these fools were about to get into a brawl, I called the cops.

Sorry folks, but there are some things in life that I WILL NOT put up with, and didn't.

I didn't even know about the HUGE hole they put in the wall last night.

Wall hole

The landlord is in the hospital or he would have flipped his shit on them last night before I ever got a chance.

When he finds out about that CRATER in the wall, he is going to blow a gasket.

Glad I had nothing to do with it.

(edit because I am an idiot that can't post a picture correctly on the first try.)

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