Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PETA has Gone Crazy..AGAIN....

Save the SEA KITTENS?!??

Seriously PETA, do you KNOW how bat-shit insane you are?

You people DO realize that I would eat less meat if you shut the hell up, right?

As it is, EVERY time you clowns come up with a new and interesting way to be a pain in the world's ass, I enjoy the hell out of eating something that would piss you people off.

I don't care if you nit-wits call salmon, "Bambi-Fins", I am STILL going to eat it.

That plant you are munching on had feelings too, you know...but you don't hear me whining "Won't SOMEONE think of the SALAD?!"

1 comment:

Bird of paradise said...

PETA are a bunch of blabbering idiots with pea sized brains from their vegan diets