Monday, October 20, 2008

The Swiss have lost their minds.

Switzerland Places Ban on the Humiliation of Plants


"Beat Keller is a molecular biologist at the University of Zurich. Keller recently asked permission of the government to conduct a field trial of a genetically modified wheat bred with a resistance to fungus.
In order to actually gain permission to go ahead with the trial, he needed to hash out the potential threats to the dignity of the wheat."

"The majority of the panel agrees that genetically modified plants are ok, “as long as their independence, i.e., reproductive ability and adaptive ability, are ensured.” In other words, no forced sterility and terminator genes."

“Where does it stop?” asks Yves Poirier, a molecular biologist at the laboratory of plant biotechnology at the University of Lausanne. “Should we now defend the dignity of microbes and viruses?”

"How humiliated is a boiled potato? A peeled carrot? Corn turned into a lowly, tortilla chip meant for dipping?"

Are these people whacked out of their minds?
Do they think this is Day of the Triffids and our food is suddenly going to rise up and kick our asses?

Dignity for people are making me LOVE mashing the crap out of my potatoes.
You, tomato....swim with your salsa brethren and STFU.
I don't CARE if you like onion or not.

This goes right up there with the whack-jobs at PETA who want me to Empathize with the Poor Lobsters.

(For those of you think I am kidding, behold PETA wants to open a Lobster Empathy Center .)

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